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06-06-2008, 08:46 PM

Here's two big questions to chew upon..

1)(Aside from diaphragms) WHAT (if any) 288G internal parts are IDENTICAL OR MECHANICALLY INTERCHANGEABLE with:

a) Prior 1.4" alnico-circumferential designs
b) 291B
c) 288H
d) Later 1.4" ferrite-tangerine designs..?

2)(Aside from diaphragms) WHAT specific Differences & Commonalities exist between the INTERNAL PARTS of:
a) Earlier (Pre-1972) 1.4" alnico-circumferential designs
b) 288G
c) 291B
d) 288H
e) Later 1.4" ferrite-tangerine designs..?

For example:

* pole piece
* phase plug
* V.C. gap
* throat
* dimensions
* tolerances

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