View Full Version : Advanced 288 Diaphragm Questions:

06-06-2008, 07:50 PM

1) HOW have 288 diaphragm a) construction materials, b) methods and c) metal formulations changed over the years?

2) WHAT diaphragm vintages are considered to be better sounding, and WHY?

3) From a critical subjective sound quality perspective, HOW do modern GPA aluminum 288 diaphragms RANK against certain of the vintage 288 diaphragms?

Steve at GPA told me that over the years Altec altered construction and metal formulations of 288 domes due to supplier variations, etc. He said new production GPA domes are not identical, but very close (perhaps better) than the originals, in certain ways.

4) A guy in this forum mentioned Beryllium domes for 2440 and 288 will be available before the end of this year.
DOES anyone have ANY further INFO on these diaphragms that will likely be made by Brush Wellman?