View Full Version : Meat Beat Manifesto, early 90s breakbeats

louped garouv
05-16-2008, 10:37 PM
was listening to some Miami Bass earlier

(see the AR3A thread elsewhere)

now i am listening to some

Meat Beat Manifesto...

they are one of my favorites...

i've been liking them since high school...


this was a 1990 or 1994 release (conflicting info here), cataloged under
Breakbeat, Leftfield, Experimental

i have the vinyl


Meat Beat Manifesto's debut album, "Armed Audio Warfare" was scheduled for release in may 1988. The masters to that album were damaged in a fire at Meat Beat HQ, berwick st, soho. New tracks were written and recorded, then released as the double album "Storm the Studio" (SDX 040/CD) in may 1989. This album is a compilation of previously unreleased and rare tracks that embody the initial furore of Meat Beat's manifesto. Had "Armed Audio Warfare" been released as planned, it might have sounded like this.
this is a work of art by itself. Most people will call it noise others will get hooked.

BTW -- my wife falls on the side of hating the stuff...


09-08-2008, 03:30 PM
jack dangers (mbm) is a great artist, i like especially his TINO project. very dubby! makes the bass driver move quite vividly. he's been venturing into more jazzy stuff lately, check his works on blue note label (especially at the center, my fav).