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04-19-2008, 06:49 AM
Hello! I was rather thrilled to see that there is still considerable interest in Heathkit products - my father, a retired engineer, built a AR-1500a receiver and a set of AS-101's back in the day. Having grown up listening to such an awesome setup was wonderful.

I've also been thrilled with the practical know-how of the people that post here. Glad to see that DIY is alive and well in an otherwise 'throw-away' society!!!

We've run into some grief with the receiver over the last while (repaired!! - We still had the manual for that, thankfully...) but can't locate the manual for the speakers.

I was wondering if anyone has a .pdf of the original manual that could be made available? It would certainly go a long way to getting music back into my parents home.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks lots!

04-19-2008, 06:46 PM
Aloha Stelter

The manual is available through many different web sites.
A quick google search showed up

$16.00 for it

$21 for it

There are others.
BTW... no affiliation with the above sites.

Searching this web site...



Somewhere in my attic at my house I have an original pair of Xovers for them I picked up off ePay many moons ago. Might even have a manual for them too. I know I do for the Legato's and others.
However, I am not home and probably won't be for awhile. I am taking care of my elderly mother at the moment. Might be more than a month or so before I get home if you are in need and can't find a solution.

There are other x-overs you can use. New from Bill at GPA and used from a lot of other places.
I can't remember if the Heathkits were 8 or 16 ohms
I seem to remember them being 8 ohms.
Others on this board will be better to fill in here.

When the AR-1500 first came out, I purchased it. It was over $400 back then w/o the wood cover. I put it together and built a pair of home built Altecs to go with it using the 15" biflex. Altec at that time used to have a program that if you did a home built speaker system using all Altec products they would send you a special Altec badge that could go on the grill. All one had to do was write in and send a picture. I still have the letter. Badge went with the cabinets when I sold them in early '80's.
That AR-1500 was a hard worker with a lot of power. Had it at a restaurant powering the Altecs and others speakers on the outside deck until someone hit a power pole out front. Speakers blew up. Melted is more like it. AR-1500 was still going. I used it at least 10 -12 hours a day.
It finally went in the late '80's. Gave it away to someone on the internet who wanted it for parts. I remember taking it to a Macintosh clinic one day, Western Audio Imports.
After they tested it and making a graph, they invited me to not come back again.
I think I still have that graph somewhere too. It was impressive.

For any repairs or re-magnatizing needed, check out Bill H. at Great Plains Audio.
He is, as we say, "Da Kine"

Hope this helps some

Good luck on the search and getting them up and running again.

Maui Steve

04-19-2008, 07:48 PM
i think i might have one that I can copy for you...

04-23-2008, 12:58 AM