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03-18-2004, 08:58 PM
Hmm-mm good!

Delta 1010LT - Link (http://www.m-audio.com/index.php?do=products.main&ID=2b0aae232aeed5529a4916b0c8c33c4b) Just got this installed into the PC tonight, and properly configured. Whoa...

Noise floor down at-least 6dB; channel separation vastly improved (but I cannot quantify); frequency response notably increased, particularly at extreme ends of spectrum. Bass response is remarkable. I've only taken my first taste, but there is a long finish... ;)

Good stuff.

oh yea - I got it from the boys at JDSound (http://www.jdsound.com/store/index.asp?SID=2) Competitive pricing, and quick ship.

03-18-2004, 09:22 PM
That should be lots of fun!!:D

03-19-2004, 04:00 AM
Are you sure there are enough gadgets and gizmos popping out of that thing Bo? :p

I should get mine any day now :)

Ken Pachkowsky
03-19-2004, 07:03 AM
Has some great features BO. Does the built in mic pre-amp(s) have phantom power?

This could be a good card for RTA software. I have been toying with buying Audiocontrols M-200 system.

As you know I use a Carddeluxe and love it but it does not have a mic preamp built in.

I bought a couple of those JBL1500's. Gonna add some subs to my system. Should be fun:)


03-19-2004, 07:08 AM
Originally posted by Giskard
Are you sure there are enough gadgets and gizmos popping out of that thing Bo? :p Yea, Holy Smokes! :flamed:

Smartly, I secured the RCA I/O into pairs, since most everything I'll be doing is two-channel. Even for multi-channel it was a good idea because the labelling is poor - only embossed on the connectors, nothing more. Need a good snake labelling on this fan, for sure.

The XLRin's were the big selling point for me - nice to finally have things balanced between the PC and the rack. And, the persnickety Ground Loops the plagued the den are gone. Nice... :yes: The overall improvement is big.


Hey, Ken!!

Yea, I debated that card you'd recommended since you first recommended it - a very close second, I think. Regardless, you get full credit for encouraging the upgrade. :thmbsup: Ignorance is bliss, but an audio wasteland...

Oh yea, I don't believe there is +48v phantom - but I don't use condenser mics for much, anyway. If I were to, I would do so on the console, and then come into the PC via the XLRin's (balanced).


Addendum: At first configuration I was overdriving (clipping going into) the Delta 1010LT, so watch your levels. But there's handy VU meters to monitor most everything...

03-21-2004, 04:47 AM
The 1010LT looks like it has tons of features, I/O.
I am looking for a less expensive, but decent sounding pci card (XP compatible) that I can use to transfer DAT tapes to/from my pc. I have a number of original choral recordings that I would like to clean up and put on CD. I only need two channels, both line level analog and S/PDIF. Any favorites or suggestions?
Have any of you used the M-Audio 2496? Has anyone used their external box with the USB connectivity? I was using a Turtle Beach Montego II, but it doesn't have any I/O support on XP,
So I'm temporarily dead in the water.
Thanks, Terry M

03-21-2004, 04:42 PM
Hey, Terry...

Here's an excerpt of an email I received from JDSound when I was going through the decision process considering the CardDeluxe - some of these look real good. Maybe this will help...? Here ya go:


Hello Bo,

Here are some other ideas for you:

Terratec Phase 28, just came out, a bit less expensive and gives you the I/O you mentioned $199: http://produceren.terratec.net/product.php?pid=3

If you want a more general soundcard that is good for both recording, dvd playback and gaming and like USB, then the Terratec Phase 26 USB, $249: http://produceren.terratec.net/product.php?pid=2

Midiman Delta 44, 4 I/O without digital I/O $229.00: http://www.midiman.com/index.php?do=products.main&ID=ad13e577f5e5f494c721095cefefd71b

Midiman Delta 66, same thing as 44 but with digital I/O $299.00: http://www.midiman.com/index.php?do=products.main&ID=7b5e9745e0f7ae16f7820ac8da409680

And there are some others, however after really looking at what you said you would use it for there are less expensive ways, if you are just looking at transferring cd music to you desktop, then you could do it more simply via the digital I/O without using analog I/O and use something like a Terratec EWS88D for a lot less expensive. If you are truly looking at recording music, with mic pre's, need MIDI I/O etc.. then please let me know.



03-21-2004, 05:18 PM
Originally posted by Ken Pachkowsky
Does the built in mic pre-amp(s) have phantom power? Hey, Ken...

I meant to mention, I use the USB Pre for SmaartLIVE (which has an RTA, amongst its other more powerful features...). The USB Pre is quite pricy, and I tried to do it another way, but I had hardware and software conflicts with two other rigs I tried. I can't recommend it highly enough (but you have to be sitting on a pile of cash... :( ). It's powered through the USB bus, so obviates xternal DC converter wall warts, and has switchable +48v for the XLR inputs.

SIA Software (http://stores.yahoo.com/eawsia/soundevus.html) has the best price on this, and it is phenomenal. The USB Pre has:

inputs: XLR (2), TRS Line/DI (2) and RCA (2), and selectable inputs with separate diode metereing

outputs: PC Audio RCA (L/R), S/PDIF in/out, and headphone jacks with onboard headphone gain.


USBPre is a complete solution for portable, high-quality signal input. USBPre acts as both USB-based stereo sound card and measurement signal preamplifier. Its two mic inputs (with phantom power) have the dynamic range, frequency response, and distortion performance to take full advantage of your 24-bit/48 kHz measurement environment. In addition, it accepts line, instrument, or tape level signals. All analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion is done in the USBPre, so you aren't limited by your on-board sound card.

USBPre is easy to setup with a single cable between your Windows PC (desktop or notebook) providing all the needed interface and power. Front panel peak metering and gain controls speed adjustment.

USBPre is made of a compact, extruded aluminum chassis with machined metal knobs.

USBPre Specifications
- Two channels of studio quality mic preamp
- 24-bit A/D converters
- 106 dB dynamic range (24-bit recording mode)
- 48-volt phantom power
- High-impedance low-noise instrument DI
- Line or tape level inputs
- Zero-latency analog monitoring
- Bus powered from the host computer