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03-07-2008, 01:25 PM
Steve Burger, one of the three of us in Iconic wrote this yesterday. I could not have written it any better.


Jim Dickinson and I were finally able to test the latest crossover design of the 704. It is the latest in design of the Iconic Jennings Designed line of crossovers (formerly available for the 604G). During the R and D phase we supplied Jennings with every other known design of crossovers (as we did with the G series) The testing on the old Altec design (which is what we had been using except some minor tweaks,with the best available parts) indicated a 5db peak before the xover point. The new crossover maintains the sensitivity and dynamics but is +/-1db throughout the range.

We listened to it last night, switching it in and out with the former one, on the same driver and it was like listening to a different speaker. As good as we thought the old one was it actually was painful to switch back to it after listening to the new one. The old one sounded EXTREMELY harsh and hollow next to the new one. This is no exaggeration or figment of a snake oil induced imagination. It is now available. You can contact me at steven.burger@comcast.net for any of the Jennings design series of crossovers.


This is the first of our new product releases we will be having in the near future as we are currently working on a number of what we think are real advances.
The circuitry in this new unit is unlike any other I have seen, just proves there is more than one way to acheive a goal. If you want to know any more information, you can also contact me at our website which will shortly be going through a transformation.

Jim Dickinson

03-07-2008, 01:29 PM
Outstanding! It's nice to see the 604 back in production! Congrats on the new crossover!