View Full Version : LE26 cracks common?

02-13-2008, 04:34 AM
Yesterday toddrr showed pics of what appear to be cracks in a LE26 plastic faceplate
I've seen an L50 on ePay recently which looked the same, and when asked the seller confirmed it had been cracked and filled.

Is that a common problem? Has anyone else seen it? Does it affect the sound?

I recently bought a pair L50A from CL which had been refoamed by Audivex. A friend kindly agreed to collect them for me and pack in doublewall cartons with 1.5" styrofoam sheet.
But now I'm worried about the tweets during shipment. Are the LE26 plastic faceplates, presumably more brittle than they were thirty years ago, likely to crack crossing the Rockies in sub-freezing weather?
Presuming my buddy has space to store them, would it be wise to wait until the thaw before shipping?