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05-22-2003, 08:43 PM
Just grabed a pair off ebay. Probably should have asked this first but are the similar to the "regular" slat plate lense as far as dispersion and are they interchangable?? I don't mean Exact replacement, just feasible and won't really muck things up??? I have been playing with the idea of trying out the slat plate/ 2405 combo and just could not resist them. They look really cool! The only place I know for sure they were used is the L220/L222 don't remember them in the catalog. You guys ever use them or know where else JBL did??

Thanks Rob:)

John Y.
05-25-2003, 03:45 AM
What do you mean by the "idea of trying out the slat plate/ 2405 combo"? Are you planning to use the L94 to improve the 90x25 dispersion of the 2405? If so, I doubt it would help.

The L220 used the L94 in front of the LE5 cone driver from 800 up to 5000 Hz. I am sure that the dispersion of the L94 was inadequate at frequencies up to 8 kHz or they would have used a 2405 in the L220 instead of the "cats eye" at 5 kHz.

I certainly hope someone can shed some light in this area. I have the idea the L94 was developed to use with the 2307 or 2311 horns before they settled on the use of the 2308 slant plate lens. The dimensions of the L94 and 2308 are almost identical. 'Jammin Jersey' suggests the use of the L94 with the 2307 or 2311. I just don't know.

I agree they are cool and I have a pair that I will use someday in my surrounds along with the Hartsfield mains. Really pleasing, aesthetically. Too bad they are black and don't match the gold serpentines. Oh, well, I could get some black serpentines for the Hartsfields.


05-25-2003, 09:34 AM
Hello John

Boy did I word that poorly! What I meant was a slate plate/ 1 inch driver and the 2405 instead of just my 2344A horns. The classic monitor combo. I want to get a pair of 2307's to try out with them. Just curious if they are different from the 2308.