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03-09-2004, 07:12 PM
I had the distinct pleasure of visiting Mr. Widget's base of operations in San Francisco last night, and all I can say is wow!

'Drove in to pick up a couple Sub 1500s delivered there, and got a great A/B comparison of them in both small sealed cabinets and larger ported cabinets. Four Sub 1500s spread across the soundstage, with video projection to a screen that I'm guessing was at least 10' x 7'!! And what a great room! 12' (?) ceilings, with drapes all the way around, and a couple racks of equipment to run it all! Most bands would be jealous to have such a place for a studio, much less a home theater!

No question at all - the Sub 1500 is probably the last sub anyone will ever want or need - outstanding! And a place like Mr. Widget's is the perfect audition! (We both agreed we slightly preferred the sound of the larger ported cabinets over the smaller sealed units.) And until Widget's, I'd never imagined seeing a cat, (his), stretch itself out on the carpet while listening to the Matrix at over 105dB!

Widget also showed me his "widget" shop, including the CNC machine, plus some nice prototype work on the Project May horns. He then gave me the grand tour of the rest of the place, including the loft he and his wife call home.

Anyway, what a great visit, and what a great "home" theater! The forum is lucky to have a member like Mr. Widget - a great resource, and a great guy too!


03-16-2004, 05:25 PM
Sounds great! Hey can you PM Me with Details on how to get to his place? Did He have an alarm system? :)

Hey I'm just kidding!

Mr. Widget
05-26-2004, 01:43 AM
I was doing a search and ran across this thread. I had missed it... kind of makes you wonder how much you miss!

Here is a photo of my HT from the couch. Reese, our cat wasn't downstairs when I took this photo... I don't think he is a U2 fan.


Mr. Widget
05-26-2004, 02:03 AM
Here is a close up of one of my Meyer clones (functionally a UPA 1C but not an exact copy) and one of my Sub 1500s.

The Sub 1500s are powered by a JBL MPA 600. At 4 ohms they are getting 660 watts per woofer. I have been known to use it all too!:hmm:

Each Meyer gets it's own 200wpc Soundcraftsmen amp. (they are OK and cheap... wouldn't recommend them for critical listening) One channel for the MS-1401M HF and one for the MS-12 woofer. They are each bi-amped and tuned with a 31 band EQ.

Overall I am quite pleased with the sound system. It gives a very dynamic performance and is fairly portable. Our HT shares the room with my wife's photo studio so the speakers have to be removed when the whole room is needed. This is also why all of the cabinets are simple utility designs.

05-26-2004, 06:07 AM
Originally posted by Mr. Widget
I was doing a search and ran across this thread. I had missed it... kind of makes you wonder how much you miss!And here I thought you were just ignoring me all this time. :p

Really - a great HT! BTW - I finally picked up a nice table saw on closeout, so hopefully soon I'll be able to start putting together some of the cabinets I've wanted...