View Full Version : What has happened to John Eargle's Estate?

12-16-2007, 08:32 PM
Hi all,

Not to be maudlin or anything, but anyone know what has become of John Eargle's estate or belongings? I've been in contact with a fellow who is the son of a well known Technical Director for the Rogers of England audio company and he left to the family so many related engineering parts and projects and documentation.

I would suspect that John, with all his technical and creative directions, had a lot of neat and interesting things in his home and under his ownership. I'm sure that JBL has a longstanding interest in anything proprietary but as an interested historian and collector, the thought is intriguing.



Steve Schell
12-23-2007, 09:00 PM
My guess is that John's family has been dealing with his estate. He likely had a formidable book and literature collection, many of the best works written by him! I doubt if he had much in the way of collectible loudspeakers. He may have used 250Tis for his daily listening; I can't recall for sure if he mentioned this. Most industry people I have known have not collected the old stuff, though they are very familiar with much of it. John did get excited one time when I brought a Lansing 285 field coil compression driver in to JBL. They whisked it off to the lab for measurements, then John summoned the engineering staff to come have a look and take pictures.