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03-04-2004, 12:58 PM
As you may know from my other posts, I'm looking to build an S1 system with added super-tweeter and I'm looking for components, one of which will be a horn/lens combo.

I get the impression that the vast majority of members on this forum prefer slant-plate lenses over the conical "potato masher" types, but they won't do in this project--I need these speakers to look good in a fairly formal living room and my spouse doesn't go for exposed plates as a design element. Who knows why, but there it is. So the potato mashers seem to be a reasonable alternative based on JBL's angular dispersion curves, if I don't run them too high where they will become beamy. All transducers will reside behind a grille of some sort.

There happen to be a pair of 2301's up on eBay at the moment. Are there any specific issues with these versus the older design 1217-1290? Any others I should consider? 2370 bi-radial flat front, maybe, with no lens?


Mr. Widget
03-04-2004, 04:08 PM
I wasn't aware of the 2301. I remember a 2305 potato masher, and I have personal experience with the 1217-1290. I think they are all acoustically the same.

You couldn't give me a pair of them though. To my ear they have a strong midrange peak and they kill the already weak highs of the JBL 1" drivers.

But then again a lot of people like them, so what do I know?

03-04-2004, 05:03 PM
In case anyone really cares:

The 2301 first showed up on the December 1981 Pro Price Schedule ($81).

The 2305 last showed up on the April 1981 Pro Price Schedule ($78).

03-04-2004, 09:57 PM
Does anybody really care what time it is?

***apologies to chicago *****

The 2301 had the mounting flange integral to the body whereas the 2305 was removable.

And I have found the 1217-1290 on BOTH of these styles...!

And funny thing, the 2301 is SHORTER in length....

Put a grillcloth across the front and you have the "almost beer proof" stage monitor HF from the 80's