View Full Version : Semi-emergency out of town trip

03-01-2004, 09:26 AM
Hey, a heads-up for everyone... I will be out of town, starting tomorrow, March 2. My father is going into the hospital for surgery to correct spinal stenoses, and will be in there for about 4 days. I am going down there to be with them during this time.

The prognosis looks very good, BTW- he had the same surgery 16 years ago, on a different vertebrae, and it came out with flying colors- he actually not only preserved nerve conduction/mobility, but GAINED back almost everything he had before the problem! So, the procedure obviously works, very well. I guess it's about as routine as anything can be, for a now-70-year old man.

I'll probably be back by Sunday or so... so anyone who emails or PMs me between now and then, I won't see it until then.