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10-19-2007, 08:59 PM
Recently I picked up a pair of 4410A speakers and I'm really taken aback as to how good they sound. Very clean, natural and what's most impressive is the way they image.
I have been doing a lot of listening and comparing to my old stand-by ...a pair of B&W 805s. The two way 805s are very neutral, non-fatiguing and always present a life-like presentaion. Their imaging and soundstaging have always keeped me coming back for more.
But...the 4410A .... are excellent in terms of imaging and soundstage...Wow! :applaud:

Yes they are more colored than the B&Ws... but hey.... that JBL sound ..that je ne sais quoi ..... call it musicality.......call it presence....call it fun!!! Whatever it is, it that makes the B&W sound...well....clinical...and...predictable.

...not bad for 200 bucks!

The 4410As are described as near field vertical line array speakers.

In general are JBL vertical arrary designs 'known' for the imaging? Are the JBL vertical array the state of the art in their product line?
The 4345 monitors are not vertical arrray, how well do they image as compared to vertical array design monitors?

10-25-2007, 03:53 PM
The 4410a is a studio monitor. If I am not mistaken, there were three models in that line, the 4408a, 4410a, and the 4412a. There is literature and info from jbl pro on the internet which describes their purpose and design philosophy.
I have owned and used the 4408a and the 4412a. I have since sold the 4408a's and still have the 4412a's.
Overall, the 08s and 12s shared a similar sound, however, the 4412a's were more effortless in their production of sound, not suprising considering their larger size.
I always was curious how the 10's sounded. It appears as if you are enjoying their sound.
Good Luck with them.