View Full Version : (attn. fellow reconers!) Anyone got a couple extra 2105/LE5 recone kit?

05-19-2003, 06:36 PM
... actually, all I need are the cone and voice coil for the LE5. Have the right spiders and dustcaps...

Got an LE5-2 out of an L100, and an LE5-6 out of an L36, to recone... both are open-circuit and dead to the world.

I normally would just order from Image or whatnot, but don't need nearly enough stuff for their minimum order, apparently, these days!

Anyone got an extra LE5 cone and voice coil or two? Or know of a decently cheap place, I can order them, without having to order $100 worth of stuff with it?

(BTW: I work for Audio Atlanta, in Marietta GA, 770-499-0145... Service Manager... in case someone wants to verify I'm not just some dude trying to scam cheap parts :) )