View Full Version : S20R Upgrade

10-04-2007, 08:42 PM
This is my first post and I hope I don't overdo it. In 1973 I bought a pair of S7R components and with JBL's plans built them into a 48"Hx21W"x17"D great sounding set of speakers. In 1979 I upgraded them with a pair of 077's and N8000's. Last month I met a guy at work who collects Hartsfields and I got fired up again. I just bought a pair of 2450J's on EBAY and now need to get some horns. Can I use 2390's or do I have to use HL89's to get to 500HZ for the LX5's and LE15A's?

Since I am using these speakers for my movie room I want to upgrade the center channel also. I have a Klipsch Academy and want to use a 2427J on a Hartsfield horn and lens on top. Should I try to use something like a 3120A to feed the Academy (8 ohms) and the 2427J (16 ohms). I want to keep a low profile so I can mount the horn on top of the speaker. Is there a JBL center speaker that would be a better fit to the 2427J? I don't want a woofer combo bigger than 8" so that I can place the speaker/horn combo on top of a cabinet under the 84" diag. projection screen. Thanks for any help that can be provided.