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08-01-2007, 09:49 AM
Your music lives on here in San Francisco...
Jerry Day (http://www.jerryday.org) :dancin:

Thanks! :applaud:

08-01-2007, 10:28 AM
nugs.net (http://www.nugs.net/default.aspx) is streaming all manner of Jerry stuff and good ol' Grateful Dead all day.

nugs is an amazing resource for a wide diversity of live material. The offerings have expanded lately, as more artists get on-board the download wagon, and nugs has begun charging to reimburse artists' costs.

Don't overlook nugs' "Free Stash" (http://stash.nugs.net/stash.asp) link where an abundance of material remains forevermore gratis, thanks to artists' generosity.

Thanks to Brad and the gang at nugs! :)

08-01-2007, 10:35 AM
Too bad he had such demons. A genus in so many musical genres. I really wish he had cut an album with Willie Nelson. Some may laugh but I don't believe those who have followed each of their music would. I managed to catch "Old and in the Way". (I think only Peter Rowen and David Grismon are still alive) Probably didn't last a whole year and started a music style or at least gave it quite a boost. The DEAD are but a note (a big one) one this genius resume) Pig Pens death barely made the Dead stumble. Jerry's passing brought them to there knees. He will live on for ever. I never followed them on a tour. I always had a life to live but I probably caught a couple of dozen shows during their existence, (I've only heard a couple of bands with Bob Wier since Jerrys passing) and every one of them was an experience. There may be bands that would draw a bigger crowd but if you booked them next to each other for 10 days straight, long before the 10'th day the Dead would have had a much larger crowd. I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I heard and I didn't believe it but alas. Happy birthday.

08-01-2007, 10:41 AM
Amazing stuff from Jerry still pops up. I was recently introduced to the 1988 Ornette Coleman album "Virgin Beauty". Turns out Jerry played on at least 3 songs on the album - flipping around though the free funk or free jazz stylings of the music there. Fascinating stuff - and Jerry fits in great!
Track it down, give it a listen. If "Happy Hour" doesn't get your toes tapping and grooving --- well, you need more than Jerry to get your heart going!

08-01-2007, 10:46 AM
Yea, Old and In The Way brought bluegrass to the attention of many who have remained avid fans. Not so long after, the Grateful Dead revived their acoustic roots for a few months during the 1980 tours, opening with an extended acoustic set. Those shows were great, particularly for them amongst us who recall the legendary Harpur College acoustic shows (circa 1970) and the period when NRPS, with Jerry on steel, opened for the Grateful Dead (circa 1972). So many tours, so little time...

Thom, if you can get yourself to the McLaren Park (http://www.jennalex.com/projects/fomp/homepage/maps.html) this Sunday, you will be stunned. The line-up will frankly amaze you. Take it from me, a staunch "deadhead" - this is some amazing stuff. :yes: Stu Allen (http://www.stuallen.net) of the JGB Band (http://www.jgbband.com) does a head-shaking, memory-rattling job at taking on Jerry's parts. When mixing, I still have to pinch myself at certain passages. This month, Dave Kemper, coming off the Bob Dylan tour, has rejoined at Kit, and will be adding some of the old mustard from the one of the earlier iterations of the Jerry Garcia band.

If you do come around, drop by Front of House and say "howdy"... :wave:

08-01-2007, 11:35 AM
I was in sacramento and on Kzap I though I heard that JG and some friends were going to be playing some blues at "Crabshaws". I got a bunch of friends (I had some back then) together and we went, and on stage were all these "longhairs and Vasser, who none of had ever heard of. We figured they had been drinking the set had come up over some beer and this guy had said "I play some fiddle" wow. Did he play some fiddle. And Jerry played some banjo and so on. I had never heard of a nagra before that. I always wanted one after that. I guess maybe today's digital stuff is better but for a little machine wow. I think every bit of live "old and in the way" (I don't even know if they did any studio work) was done on a nagra. I've got all of the Garcia Grissmon stuff. Acoustic Jerry is tits. Garcia and nelson on the right day could have been a 12 hour show. To this day I say that is the show that never was. Maybe it still could be. Isn't Jim Reeves still recording with new people (just kidding, maybe) Oh it didn't turn out to be blues but what an "orange blossom special". None of us knew we were experiencing history. clements. kahn, vitt, garcia, rowen. I had only heard of garcia and grissmon and maybe I'd heard the name "rowan bros."What talent. I understand he taught banjo before he played guitar. I think I read that. My wife is nuts. Posters, wine, art. me I just like the music and there is some of it I don't care for. If I ever saw Mickey Hart with drumsticks near my car! I've heard him interviewed, he's not right but the "beast" made the wales of the building I saw them in in Reno move. I used to subscribe to "Relics".
Have lesh and the others settled their differences or just agreed not to draw blood in public?

08-02-2007, 06:58 AM
Your music lives on here in San Francisco...
Jerry Day (http://www.jerryday.org) :dancin:

Thanks! :applaud:

Hi All,

since months or years I am searchin a soundtrack from Jerry from the movie "Zabriski Point".....the nacked scene...:D

can someone help me with this?


JBL 4645
08-03-2007, 08:20 AM
Another JBL birthday big boy, doesn’t this ever end oh well make it loud joyful for a month, happy birthday. :birthday: