View Full Version : SPL for the Ti10K or 4312SX (ie TW025Ti)

02-16-2004, 02:02 PM
Hello all,

Is there anyone on this forum that may have a SPL measurement for the TiK series speakers, or better still only the 025Ti aka. TW025Ti tweeter?

The tweeter is normally used in the TiK series home speakers and in a strange monitor, that I can't find any info about, called the 4312SX. It's an Audax (now owned by Harman) unit but no info is available at their site.

I get a strange SPL graph when I run it in my MLS rig. According to the specs of the Ti10K they should be +/- 2db 40-22kHz. My measurement shows two big peaks (+6db) at 5,5k and 11,3k but no correction in the Ti10K filters.

How do they do that, or are my measures off?

All ideas and hints appreciated.

Best regards and thanks