View Full Version : LE14A and LE14H-1 cone kit compatability

07-19-2007, 12:03 AM
From a previous (now closed) thread:

If I recone LE14As with LE14H-1 kits,

A) Are they fully compatible?

B) Do I get H-1's flatter response and better HF extension?

Here's the voice coils of the current recone kits. LE14A, first, has the white Aquaplas cone, of course, and Nomex (as opposed to Kapton) former.

Normalized for VC diameter, bottom pair. H-1 "coil" is spec'd at 19mm (0.75").

Scaling from the pics, LE14A coil is 0.6", and the former is 0.1" shorter than H-1.

Anyone know the gap depths?