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07-13-2007, 09:23 PM
hi ,everyone
i bought a pair of 120ti's a while back that needed a little help, great shop speakers, anyway they came with 2214h woofers that were poorly resurrounded, so i had a pair of century gold woofers , 1200h ? i think, but thats what i put in there they sound ok, but is that a suitable replacement or are the 128h or 129h the way to go . i still have the 2214h pair 1 new ,1 with proper resurround ,would they be better suited ,as far as the sound goes between the 2 ,1200 vs. 2214, i think the 1200's sound better but i dont have any 128h's here, i do have a pair of L112's,would it be worth swapping 128's out for an a/b compare ,just would like to get some opinions from our gifted knowledgable members ,thank you all
best regards michael

07-17-2007, 07:25 AM
128H-1 is factory spec for the 120Ti. 128H is acoustically identical, just with a white cone (white Aquaplas, vs. black Aquaplas on the 128H-1).

129H would work... slightly different, but MUCH CLOSER of a match than 2214H or 1200H! Also, you could later recone a 129H to be a 128H-1... same frame.

AFAIK, the 1200H much closer to the parameters of a 128H, than a 2214H. The proper cone profile, as opposed to the much deeper cone on the 2214H.

So, in order of preference, high to low:

128H-1 highest preference
2214H lowest preference