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06-17-2007, 06:07 PM
THX certified home receiver . What next?

This is getting ridiculous.

Quote: THX team

Movies, music and games are all created in different studio layouts to establish the appropriate sound mix. Before THX ASA, you needed to move your speakers around your home every time you watched a movie, listened to music or played a game in order to experience the true impact of the artist’s intent.
THX ASA recreates the studio sound field in your home by digitally reconfiguring the surround channels for whatever content you are playing. This technology establishes THX Listening Modes, making it convenient to have one speaker setup for movies, music and games.
THX ASA technology is embedded into every THX Certified pre-amplifier and receiver. Match the appropriate listening mode to the appropriate content being played and experience the difference.

I know of a company called Mcintosh model 207 with an 8 channel amp with.

Digitally Controlled Volume and Tone Controls
A precision tracking Volume control adjusts all eight channels with tracking accuracy better than 0.5dB. Digital Sound Processing allows a wide range of tone shaping with no loss in traditional McIntosh sonic excellence

They are not THX certified and I don't think they care one bit.

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JBL 4645
06-17-2007, 09:33 PM

I personally feel it shouldn’t have gone into the video gaming world and should only be left for the reproduction of film soundtracks as that was one of its primary goals from the start of the THX/TAP program during the early 1980’s.