View Full Version : Fundraising for Project May Loudspeaker project

02-10-2004, 08:15 AM
As part of the Lansing Heritage Sites’ Project May Loudspeaker endeavor, we are now kicking off the fundraising portion of the project.

The money raised is entirely used to purchase and ship the various components around for prototyping, testing, mock-up, and final assembly.
Due to the far-flung nature of the project and team, shipping is a considerable part of the total costs, but all the brainpower and testing/assembly labor is being donated.

The estimated budget amount, $4000, may look hefty at first glance, but given the quality of the effort and the value of the final product, it is quite modest actually. (Drivers were donated by JBL Consumer Div.)
We need to collect a significant portion of this money fairly quickly, in order to commence the major initial project thrust.

To donate to this effort, simply use the donate button at the upper right hand corner here on the Lansing Heritage site. All funds received and spent will be completely documented and available for all to see. We will post periodic updates of our progress.
Those of you who want to see such a unique speaker system built, through the truly global participation of skilled forum members, will kindly contribute as you see fit.

Please feel free to email or PM me with any questions or comments.
Send the dough, and let the sawdust begin flying!!!!!

Thanks for your consideration

Mike Baker