View Full Version : How to set the DCX 2496?

05-29-2007, 09:23 AM
dear friends,

I have been spending quite some time trying to set the crossover points of my dcx 2496 but I'm unable to, can you please help??

I have a couple of bi-amped spakers and a couple of single amped speakers to be run with the DCX.
I need to set the crossover points for the first four outputs and no crossover for output 5 and 6 that shoul drive the monoamped speakers. How to do it??

If I set the system LH LH LH
12 34 56

In the output pages I set x-over points to free but it looks all the outputs are still linked and if I change x-over in output 12 34 it also changes the 45 outputs??

What Am I doing wrong??

Thank you