View Full Version : Replace the spider?

Tomas M
01-30-2004, 12:00 PM

I am trying to renovate this 126 A. The cone has sunk down to the bottom position and the spider has been damaged (outstretched).

What shall I do about this?

Buy a new spider?

Then I need to take away the old spider (from the cone) and I also need to take away the dust dome and (probably) the mass ring.

Shall I use a knife or thinner? I donít want the voice coil to come loose when the thinner dissolves the glue around the dome and the spider. I donít want all parts to be separated, especially not the vice coil from the cone!



02-01-2004, 10:58 AM
I would cut it out with a (sharp) exacto knife at close to
the VC as possible. Scrape the frame joint clean too. Install
(position) new spider, install magnet (keep it hand tight for
now), cut off dustcap and re-shim (center) the magnet,
(magnet may be self-centering...not sure, use a plastic mallet
to adjust) then
tighten screws. Keep shims in and now glue in your spider
with contact cement (frame) and epoxy (VC). Leave shims in
for 24 hrs. , then test for buzzing, if all OK, glue on a new
dustcap, with Elmer's white or latex glue
( you can use the old one if you did a good clean
cut removing it. You can use strips of paper for shims,
about 1"x3". I have not done this yet, but this seems the
logical approach.

Tomas M
02-01-2004, 12:50 PM
Loosing the spider was no problem. If there had been any glue between the cone and the spider, it vas now gone. I just had to lift the cone out from the frame and the spider!!! No knife and no thinner were needed (is this normal for old glue joints?).

I too think a knife would have been better than thinner, if there had been any glue left.

The dust cap came off with some thinner and looks ok.