View Full Version : Time to Modify Your CD Player

01-26-2004, 04:57 PM
Hello There. Just Passing along some cool tips today! Most Cd plyers are designed with cheap And outdated Parts That are upgradable sometimes simply by Replacing the opamps and r recovery diodes in the power supply. There are alot of other things like Clocks, Discrete output stage ect. Do A audiogon.com search under Burr brown ( Op Amp upgrade ) To start things off. I replaces the Stock 1$ 1.00 opamps in my rotel and made a big diffrence Digital Glare is gone and am able to use some cool old stock tubes in my frontend of my poweramps. Also look at audioasylum.com under tweeks. Vr-4's are kicking ass. They dominate the whole frontroom now. Wife dosent care they look Fantastic:smthsail:

01-26-2004, 07:46 PM
There's a Marantz CD player that has had those Mods for years sold by Upscale Audio. DIY project makes it more fun, however I personaly have never heard one modified myself but there are a lot of rave reviews about them.

03-28-2004, 05:31 AM

Here in Stockholm, we have this wizard making his own microphones, among other things.

This guy Didrik, he has also been skimming the market in Europe lately, for cheap and older JVC CD players, which he says can easily be modified into Hi-End gear. He says that JVC is just about the only producer that hasn't wired a certain chip the wrong way. I think it was one ground leg in particular that he has identified to be hooked up the wrong way in all other CD players.
This will reduce most of, or even eliminate the "jitter" found in most CD players, he says.

I have listened to one of these modified players as it still was in experiment stage, which means it looked as if someone had dropped a bomb on it, but never the less it sounded quite astonishing.

Hopefully my crude description can make some sense to some of you.
I my self have never had that kind of knowlede on such matters.