View Full Version : iTunes offers high bit songs from EMI

Titanium Dome
04-02-2007, 07:20 AM
Not only will these songs be higher bit-rate AAC, they will also be DRM free. This might reduce the "bitch factor" for some folks, and it certainly makes good news for regular users like me.


Let's see what the naysayers will gripe about.

1.) It's not the whole catalog.

2.) It's not until May, why not now?

3.) It's gonna cost 30 cents to upgrade from lower-bit AAC tracks already purchased.

4.) It's still not as good as analog, especially vinyl and tubes!

5.) The $1.29 price is too high!

6.) iTunes is still destroying brick and mortar stores.

7.) Apple is still ruining the music business.

8.) Apple is still ruining the musical and audio values of a generation.

9.) Apple is still ruining the quality reproduction of music in the home.

10.) The old ways are better.

Did I miss any? :duel: OFs :thnkfast: and others :argue: are encouraged to reply. :flamed:

Titanium Dome
04-02-2007, 07:27 AM
The rate is doubled from 128 AAC to 256 AAC.

Some see this as a prelude to Beatles on iTunes in remastered form. This was rumored to be one of the hold ups for Apple Corps, having a high enough quality available to match the remastering efforts and, I suspect, induce people to repurchase music they already had on vinyl, cassette, and CD.

The other main hold up was the recently concluded trademark infringement issues with Apple, Inc., which were settled out of court after Apple Corps lost the last court case. Now Apple, Inc. owns "Apple," and Apple Corps has a limited but exclusive license to use Apple on its products.

Huh? Okay, as long as it makes business sense.