View Full Version : Holy S***... this is almost DANGEROUS...

01-08-2004, 08:15 PM
Was re-arranging stuff at work today. We've got some vintage systems hooked up, components for sale. Well, Pete put together a new rack we got from Salamander Designs, and I started to re-arrange some stuff to populate it.

He suggested I hook up the Pioneer SX838 for the "heart" of the system... which I did, adding an old Pioneer CLD-S104 (using it as a CD player, those LD players do a great job!). My primo pair of JBL L-100s were already there on stands, so I hooked them up too.

HOLY COW! I thought the other L100s through the Sansui G4700 was impressive... but that ain't NOTHING compared to the EXPLOSIVE dynamics capability of the SX838 into the L100s! I was playing Michael Ruff's "Speaking in Tounges" album... one of Sheffield Labs best recordings (and IMHO, they do micing and recording of rock-style percussion better than ANYONE)... and I swear... you could FEEL the impact of snare drums and big toms, IN THE NEXT ROOM. And this was just at MODERATE average volume levels too! I crank it up, it literally has the capacity to make most people involuntarily JUMP in response to sudden percussion transients! Now, THAT'S how transients are SUPPOSED to be reproduced!

At the same time, the system does quite a decent job at smoothness of response. Really helps a LOT to get the L100s up on 16" tall stands... with a little tweaking downward of the midrange controls, things were sounding pretty sweet.

We all talk about those "magic combinations" of stuff where "the sum exceeds the parts". Well, I certainly found one. MASSIVELY exceeds the parts, in fact...

Yeah, I know absolutely that a pair of 4343s or even probably L150Bs could trounce the L100s... but for a speaker that takes the verbal slings and arrows of so many people, well, there's a whole LOT of other speakers that DON'T do NEARLY as well...


01-08-2004, 09:04 PM
I had a pair hooked up to a Phase Linear 4000 preamp and a Dynaco St-400. They could ROCK! Many a good night listenning to that set-up! I know what you mean, you set them up right and they can sound better than they have a right too.