View Full Version : 2135 & E140 pics & questions

Fred Sanford
01-23-2007, 07:01 PM
As promised, I took some pics of my 2135 and posted them to the gallery. It was re-coned by AST in NYC in 1985, and I'm curious to see if the cone kit used was the OEM correct kit (C8RE130, right?). I've attached a pic of the only writing I could find on the back of the cone, the other pics are in the gallery.



Fred Sanford
01-23-2007, 07:14 PM
While I was messing around with the 2135, I looked at the cabinet that has my E140 in it, and noticed that the dust cap had been spray-painted black at some point (before I bought it in 1985).

Should I mention here, "dose not efect preformance"?

I pulled it out of the cab to take some pics, and noticed from the back that what looks like disintegrated foam is dancing around inside (plus you can clearly see the silver underside of the dust cap). I'm figuring that this was a filter for the air vent in the back of the magnet, and is a good reason to take off the dust cap & clean stuff out, and while I'm at it the dust cap can/should be replaced with a new one. Any advice here? Is this common, and am I on the right track? How easy is it to source the dust cap (looks like 21060, same as the 2135)?

Thanks in advance,