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Ian Mackenzie
12-29-2006, 03:37 PM
Bought one of these.

Ocassionally I do like to buy myself a present, it sort of makes it all worthwhile;) .

Wrote a long post on how and why but lost my isp and the data...:banghead: .

I am not going to spent another hour doing that again. Basically I had to decide on buying another universal player, a new Cd player or a Dac.

After a thorough process of collecting and evaluating a massive amount of information I chose Lavry Engineering and selected the Lavry Black DA10 DAC.

Needless to say this is an outstanding device and yes it does make a real night and day difference. But the best as they say does not come cheap. The "Black" is base model and least expensive in the Lavry audiophile range and the "Gold" is a money no object version >US$10K. The "Black" meets the needs of the home user comfortably.

Highly recommended, particularly if like me you have been weighing up on what to do about upgrading or buying anoher player.

The user reviews speak for themselves.





01-09-2007, 09:08 AM
Sounds like an excellent product from all the literature I've read.

The Lavry DA-10 outgunned the Benchmark DAC1 so that must say something. With tube like performance and for the price ofr home consumer sounds like an excellent buy.

Really throws a spanner in the works when you start considering whether to upgrade to a better CD/DVD player.

BTW, I've never head of a "Gold" version of the DA-10.....never saw it on Lavry......must've missed it, probably wasn't looking for it so never noticed it.


01-09-2007, 02:29 PM
BTW, I've never head of a "Gold" version of the DA-10.....never saw it on Lavry...I think the writer was referring to the DA924 (Pro Audio - http://www.lavryengineering.com/index_html.html).

Ian Mackenzie
01-09-2007, 02:42 PM
yes, the DA10 is a stand alone model, no other versions.

Gave it a whirl last night direct into the X250.5 power amp. Quite an impressive little package if you want simplicity and purity. Fired up with this combo the 4345's** are incredible. Shows all manner of signal path destruction with other components and you really can hear everthing on the recording..good and bad.

**Not stock 3145 crossover, compression driver diaphragm not stock.

The DA2002 is closely related to the Lavry DA924 professional Digital to Analog converter. It has been designed with the home audiophile in mind rather than the professional's studio. The DA2002 includes fixed output levels suitable to drive RCA type jacks found in home audiophile gear as well as XLR outputs. The DA is designed to be placed on a flat surface (unlike the rack mountable model DA924). Another must have feature for the home audiophile is SPDIF digital input on an RCA jack, making the unit compatible with CD transports equipped with SPDIF digital output. Lavry's CrystalLock (TM) - jitter elimination circuitry, makes even a mediocre CD player sound great. Extremely small quantization steps, low noise and distortion yields a true reference standard performance.

.96kHz, 88.2kHz, 48kHz, 44.1kHz and 40-50kHz wide mode conversion frequencies
•Proprietary multi-bit architecture with 24 bits, non sigma delta
•Increased low level accuracy
•Fast transient response - single stage DSP based interpolation
•Oven for critical components for temperature independent operation
•Automatic calibration provides immunity to component aging
•Digital jitter removal
•Audiophile and consumer input and outputs
•Balanced / unbalanced - internally jumper configurable outputs
•Direct output coupling - no relay in signal path
•Absolute Polarity Inversion
•Automatic scanning of inputs
•Optional interface port
•Unequalled detail and performance