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12-25-2006, 02:17 AM
hello from overseas.
I decided to register as a new member because i just love the old jbl stuff.
I dont know what the general opinion is but i think since Harman came in Jbl didnt produce a single speaker that has the same quality in sound as well as construction as the older speakers. Maybe im making myself unpopulair with this but i was hoping (because its caled "heritage") to finaly find some people who agree.
Im currently not using JBL but my self made monitors with Stage Accompany units (the big ass ribbon tweeter) but i cant wait to go back to jbl. At thisd moment im in the middle of buying a pair of century golds.
Ive already had the:
tlx 6
tlx 8
you see where it goes wrong. I miss tye sound of the 4311. At that time i tought (something that old is rubbish) but the ti2k didnt do it for me.
I dont think they are bad speakers but there was something i missed. Its like the music was dead.
Im hoping te century gold can give me that live sound again.
I understand that there is an battery in the filter? nebver heard that before or is someone (as i think you say "pulling my legg")
Hope to learn a lot and be able to make my own pair of jbl's some day.
have a nice x mas
p.s sorry for the bad spelling