View Full Version : The Beatles Love CD - A listening impression

11-17-2006, 08:17 AM
Hi all.

Just finished first listening of this CD. It is amazing. I thought I knew the voices of the four Beatles members, but the sound of their vocals are different than I ever heard before.

The tracks on this CD is much different than the originals. What is "best" I believe is a personal thing. I like it.

I am amazed of how good the old recordings are, and believe the sound on the original LP's could have been done much better. There are of course not much in the very low frequency area, but what is down to 50Hz or something is very detailed, and sounds very good.

I have also compared the CD versus the DVD, and found out that the CD is sounding better no matter what sound format you choose on the DVD. This might have to do with the superior DAC in my CD player compared to the one in my pre/processor.

Anybody else got this album yet, and have opinions?