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12-11-2003, 11:01 PM
Hi Don

Some Audioheritage New Web page Info .

I know most most of your readers are
Windows people .

As an reader of Audioheritage which I
enjoy a lot
here is some Info since you switched servers.

On MacIntosh Running OS-9 regardless of
Browser used Internet Explorer or Opera
which I used all the time
to log on last 6 months with to Audioheritage.org

Now old Audioheritage.org or the new Audioheritage.csdco.com
will not log in with OS 9.2 Mac.

If I use Macintosh OS 10.2 and
Camino Browser or Internet Exporer Browser it will lfind the web page with no problen.

Thank you for the Web page
I built my dream JBL system with info from yourWeb page .


12-12-2003, 06:40 AM
Hey, Anton...

Good stuff to know. You might pm directly to nebel@csdco.com (or email too, for that matter...) - John would appreciate knowing of any flukes in the migration.

John Nebel
12-12-2003, 07:41 AM

Ah, yes. One has to use a newer browser with Mac OS 9.2. Works fine for me with Netscape 7.02.

The site will not work on WNT with Netscape 4.7 either.

This is likely a Front Page problem. Why should Microsoft follow standards? It's all embrace and extend and the off-color imagery thereby invoked is probably accurate.


12-12-2003, 10:36 PM
I decided to check if there were any problems for me on viewing the site since I use Macs.
I am using my trusty old Beige G3, over clocked with OS 10.2.8
Tested web browsers....
Internet Explorer 5.2
Mozilla 1.6A
Netcape 7.1
Safari 1.01
All worked just great. Tested page loads, different areas of the site and this forum on all the above in OS 10.2.8. No problems.
I haven't done any testing in OS 9.xx or previous Mac OS's.
I am using Road Runner and I also have a regular account with an ISP.
I haven't done actual time testing etc... however the site does seem a lot faster since switching.

One thing that might help, try dumping the old cache and history.


Earl K
12-13-2003, 09:08 AM

I'm mostly on a Mac G3 powerbook running 9.2.1

Browser is MS "Explorer" 5.0

It all works fine.

I do keep the browsers cache capacity wide open at 512 MB

I also empty or purge this cache a few times a day. This cache ( believe it or not ) can interfere with other programs I use ( which aren't supposed to be System 9 compatible but will hobble along with help ).

I have (2) ISP accounts; 1 is a DSL & the other is a dialup with AOL. Both use Explorer as the Browser. Each version of Explorer contaminates the other by saving to just the one Explorer cache . Purging is the one workable solution .

<. Earl K:D

12-13-2003, 12:18 PM
Hi Earl

I do purge the cache etc . I use MacWasher
which is set up to Purge the Cache and cookies
etc at shut down on all the Browsers I am using .

As for the cache settings in
fact I have a lot of memory in the
machine and I set it to default 8100k
also to 512K and makes no difference.
the only thing I have not tried is
running 9.1 I have the disc and
can put on one of the partioned drives.

Something tells me it might have
something to do with the ISP I am
using (does not sound right ) or the
modem script for 9.2 but I
have tried everything .

There has to be some small bug
that is happening .


12-13-2003, 06:49 PM
Hi Members

Thanks for all the feedback ,As I mentioned
before I know my Mac with OS 9.2 and its
exstension and settings and I had not changed anything

Reading all the inputs and noticing most of
the inputs were on DSL:
I asked myself what was
different in the last week other than audioheritage changing servers.

Well here is something regarding my problem
of viewing this web page and it is partly solved
You guys will not believe this!!!!.

my ISP provider (earthlink ) e-mailed me about
a week ago to change my dialup number.so I did.

most of the inputs were on DSL. so I started
thinking what changed dialup number !!!!

So I went back to the previous number I used
before . Should make NO differnce.!!!

It WORKED on all Browsers on OS 9.2 as before.Has still one bug ??? it will let me
log into forum but will not send it.

Back to OS 10.XX for this message.I phoned
ISP provider they have NO CLUE !!! somebody
changed something other than just dialup
numbers in their servers.

Thanks for all the Input . Maybe it is time
to change ISP provider because they can not
follow Internet Standards