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Little Jim
11-09-2006, 03:33 PM
Can anybody help me in my search for new surrounds for my 116A drivers? I have purchased from two different suppliers one of which says he supplies JBL units. Problem is when fitted, the speakerís resonance is increased to about 40Hz and it should be in the twenties. Any ideas?:blink:

11-09-2006, 03:46 PM
If you were here in the US, I could send you a surround that will DEFINITELY keep it within spec. Just refoamed a pair of 116H-2s with them today- and they're JUST RIGHT...

Try to specify, from your local reconing shop, a foam surround with a stiffness rating of "A" or "B" (on the standard rating system going from "A" to "E", where "A" is the softest, and "F" is the stiffest available). Should be REALLY pliable. There should be several options, that should work... the 116A/116H is NOT an odd size by any measure!

11-09-2006, 05:47 PM
I've ALMOST concluded that 116A/Hs 28 Hz Fs is fantasy anymore, possibly due to the spiders stiffening with age. Mine all measure in the 35 - 40 Hz range.

I do have a pair of factory recone kits waiting for a pair of H frames for the final determination, however.

No matter, they all sound good in closed-box Minis....

Little Jim
11-10-2006, 05:30 AM
Many thanks Gents
Gordon: Do any of your suppliers have a website? I may be able to get them to part with a few. Do JBL make their own?
Zilch: How soft are the new surrounds fitted to the new recone kits? I thought they would not sell to the public.
I take it your not Ďthe public..í are you trade?:blink:

11-10-2006, 01:05 PM
The last pair I did, had an fs of about 31-32 Hz, before break-in. Should go down to at least 30 Hz, if not lower, I'd think.

Jim, unfortunately, the suppliers we use will only sell to commercial reconing shops. However, it's highly probable that most reconing shops will have access to the same stuff, if you know what to ask for...