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10-20-2006, 01:45 PM
Caught them Wednesday night at Zellerbach Hall on the UC campus (very fine array sound system not played excessively loud).

This a "supergroup" band comprised of Dobet Gnahore, Habib Koire, Vusi Mahlaseda, all of whom have their own groups, and several others in supporting roles. Absolutely stunning. Google up their website and get tickets if you can. Napa is sold out, but Santa Cruz still may be open. Where they go next, I don't know.

Heavy African flavor of percussion, vocal harmonies and rhythyms, and they use a drum kit and lots of electric bass, a top-notch rock band as well. Don't miss them if you can get tickets.


Edit: LA, Tuscon, Dallas, Austin, Boulder, Fort Collins, Minneapolis, Glen Ellyn and Chicago, Madison, Columbus, Ripon, Notre Dame, Athens (OH) Pittsburgh, Easton, DC, NY, Northampton, Peekskill, Somerville, Lebanon (NH), Troy

Not coincidently, I'm sure, many of these are college towns, and may be university venues, which I believe are more likely to have clean and sanely employed sound systems.