View Full Version : LE 26 connector polarity

analog addict
10-05-2006, 08:21 PM
Hope some one would be so kind to help me with this question. I am replacing the non-OEM tweeters in my 4301b's with LE-26's off of e-bay. The terminals are unmarked, and seem to be one male and one female. The original connectors are missing, but the yellow(+) and yellow/black(-) wires are intact. I wasn't able to find anything via the search question, so I thought I'd float the question here. Also, is there anywhere to pick up the connectors themselves, or are they some universal type available at Home Depot or similar type store...

10-07-2006, 06:50 PM
Lowes and Home Depot sell the connectors, no worry there. JBL liked to wire their woofers backwards, long story on that in these forum pages. If the tweeter polarity is wrong you will have either a peak or a hole in the response. Might be hard to determine it without a signal generator.

Best to troll for someone here who has a set that can pull the tweeter out and see where the + and - leads go

analog addict
10-09-2006, 06:30 AM
I did exactly that, i.e. go to Home Depot and pick up a mixed set of connectors. After spending an hour sucking my brains out with an assortment of straws and 2 different vacumm cleaners to try and remove some dust cover dents, I finally said the hell with it, cut one of the non-OEM tweeters out, put the female connector on the yellow/+ lead and the male on the yellow/black/- lead and hooked it up. The sound quality was at least as good and equivalently loud as the other non-OEM tweeter, so I did the other one and called it a night. I'm going to put together a JBL home theater set up with my new set of G500's plus a 200W powered 15" sub in the front, and the 4301b's in the rear. I'm sure my wife will scream bloody murder once she sees the 4301b's hanging off the wall. Gotta find some appropriate wall brackets...ANy confirmation of the polarity issue would be reassuring....