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12-03-2003, 11:17 PM
Hello, It's me again!
Does someone have plans for the Smith Horns?
Thanks, Ron:rockon2:

12-08-2003, 11:57 AM
May be that is the solution for you:

12-08-2003, 11:58 AM

Ian Mackenzie
12-08-2003, 04:17 PM
As Hannibal Lector said to the detective...what will it be...

Bowels in or Bowels out.......okay Bowels out then.

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12-08-2003, 07:09 PM
Smith not Subfloor Horn. I've seen this picture before! Is there a finished picture?
If I buy this house I'm in I could do something like that! There's about 2' of space below the floor joists and the dirt is easy digging. That and a wine cellar.
the Smith horn is a 500Hz horn.

12-10-2003, 12:15 PM
Hello Ron,

The Smith horn is also called the Distributed Source Horn. It is a diffraction horn for a 1 inch driver with 800Hz cutoff. It was designed for mono with very wide dispersion (140 degrees if I remember correctly) though I guess you could block off the outer "cells" to narrow it.

I have a copy of this article. Send me a PM if you are still interested. I will have to find it, photocopy it, etc .

Regards, Tom

12-25-2003, 04:32 PM
Thanks Tom I got it. Happy Holidays!

12-26-2003, 03:35 AM
Does someone have plans for the Smith Horns?
Thanks, Ron:rockon2: [/B][/QUOTE]

Hi Ron,
you mean the 2397....if yes, you'l find it in the JBL-homepage/or in this forum library under the data sheets for the 2397.
There's a little drawing down right with all you need.


12-26-2003, 05:49 PM
Tom sent me an artical that Bob Smith wrote in the Audio Engineering Journal in January of 1951. I didn't read it when it came out because I coundn't read and I wasn't interested in audio at the time. I was 1yrs old!
Thanks for the direction to the 2397's.

12-28-2003, 06:46 PM
Hello Ron,

I have a pair of the 2397's (sorry, not for sale) and If you'd like some close up photos to assist you, it would be no problem to send them to you. I could do some mesurements also. The photos are a bit big (2mb ea) to post here.

And HI Everyone! I'm new here and a BIG JBL nut also, LOL


12-28-2003, 07:00 PM
Thanks Max,
I have the drawing from the library. I don't see the deviders in there, the double ended things that section the inside of the horn. Maybe the 2397 doesn't have them.
Do you have a digital camera? I don't want you to go to alot of trouble with a film camera. Post a picture for the forum!

12-28-2003, 07:05 PM
didn't see the last part of your post!
Send away& thanks, Ron:hyp:

12-28-2003, 07:52 PM
You know your going to need a throat. The only one's I know of are the 2328's for a 2" driver, and 2329's for 2-2'' drivers (a Y config). May be hard to find??? not sure.

2397 and 2445 driver

12-29-2003, 07:03 AM
Hi Ron,

I think to know wheres your problem.....
I will figure out the mesurements of the 5 dividers in the horn section. They maybe easy to work out from hardwood..
Are you able to read AutoCad 2000 files? if not let me know and I send it as pdf-files or photo.


12-29-2003, 08:06 AM
Originally posted by LowFiRon
...I don't see the dividers in there, the double ended things that section the inside of the horn. Maybe the 2397 doesn't have them. Hey, Ron...

The 2397 DOES have those vanes, and they are critical to proper dispersion. Widget spent quite a time modelling these for his wooden lipped babies... :yes:

12-29-2003, 07:44 PM
perfect pantry horns. stuff with cliff bars & banana's to control rice cake frequency
Ron :hyp:

12-29-2003, 07:47 PM
I don't have Cad. Is there other programs you can open it with?

12-29-2003, 08:29 PM
Originally posted by LowFiRon
perfect pantry horns. stuff with cliff bars & banana's to control rice cake frequency:hyp:
That's the one the wife uses to yell at me when she's mad at me, LOL!:eek:
Sent you a few more pic's and I'll try and get a good shot of the vanes. :)


Mr. Widget
12-29-2003, 11:59 PM
Here is a drawing of one of the 2397 vanes. There are five radially spaced vanes and two half vanes that are stapled to the sides. The full vanes are each doweled with two 3/8" dowels into both the top and bottom that eventually work loose. I construct mine differently, but I have the benefit of a CNC router.

All dimensions are in inches. Both ends are symmetrical.

12-30-2003, 04:41 AM
Hi Ron, Hi Widget,

Widget won the race..:(

I measured the vanes...and can confirmate the Inches (when do you Yanks learn the metric system...:banghead: )

PS: when lookin for the drawing on the original 2397 data sheet, I found a little mistake with the measurements.... the horn mouth section was measured with 2 x 63,5mm, but thats the size of the mounting plate for the 2328.

Also I can tell you JBL'ers that the 2328 cast was not idealy designed in cause of the negative horn opening section, where reflections of the high frequencies can show some distortions. But.....anyway it sounds great.


12-30-2003, 06:00 PM
Thanks Widget& HP,
Hey I don't use a rule or tape, I use my foot and thumb. Every once in a while I use a cubit, no one uses those anymore! And now that the US is mad at France, there's just no way we are going metric!