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analog addict
10-03-2006, 09:30 AM
Been busy on Craig's List recently, and picked up a pair of G500's for $50 the other night. After hooking them up to a receiver, I did notice that the midrange was out on one of the speakers, so I took the driver out and found that the isolation cone had pulled away from the back of the cabinet, pulling the leads off of the driver as a result. A little contact cement and hands off overnight fixed everything right up. Other than the spec. sheet/manual on this site, a search comes up empty. I've listened to them along side of the 4301b's, and to my aged ears, the G500 seem to have a fuller sound, although perhaps not as clear and tight. Anyone have any info or impressions about these boxes? Did I get a reasonable value for my money? I've been told that these were the top model of there respective group of speakers, but that they are also home use units compared to the 4301b studio/pro units. No doubt that the 8" woofer is puny compared to the 116H in the 4301b. I've had a friend suggest that I use them as the fronts for a home theater setup driven by a Kenwood KR-X1000


and use the 4301b's as the rears. I also have an Audio Source SW-15 powered subwoofer which I could include in this setup, but would that be overkill?

Any suggestions or comments are appreciated!