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12-03-2003, 04:37 PM
I have a pair of these, and would love to hear people's thoughts as to their characteristics. Does a shallower basket equal less bass, compared to, say, a D or K 120?

The application would be to use in a 1966 Fender Pro Reverb, mostly to be played with a Baritone guitar (tuned a fourth down from a regular guitar).

Many thanks!


12-03-2003, 04:45 PM
Hey... :wave:

Use the Search button, and "D123" - yielded quite a few hits for me.

I don't know that D123, but have fitted two Fender cabinets with the E110 and the results were astonishing. Nothing short of phenomenal improvement in "voicing". Just ask my lead guitar player... :yes:

12-03-2003, 04:48 PM
Doh. Search. Right. Me. Newbie. Sorry.

Thanks :-)

12-03-2003, 05:49 PM
Hey, no sweat, man (gal...). We too, often forget it, so a reminder of its existence (let alone its great functionality) is welcomed!

As well, come back if you're not sated...

12-04-2003, 12:03 PM
Well, I'm back :-)

I read through a lot of interest discussions re: D123s, and I guess I should rephrase or restate my question.

For anyone who has A/Bed or has had _some_ experience using K120s/D120s and D123s, has there been anything to lead them to believe the D123s were a bit more lacking in the low end?

Another way to restate the question would be, based on the D/K120s specs, and the D123s specs, would there be anything to lead you to believe the D123s might be lacking in the lows.

I realize that my ears will be the final (and probably only) test to really make a difference, but both of my D123s are blown, so it would require an investment on my part to check this out, and if any of you fine folks have some experience in the subject, you could save me some time/money.

It's a long shot, I know, but this seems to be the forum for it :-)