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Titanium Dome
09-15-2006, 10:06 PM
As I indicated in another thread, among many things I picked up at the Good Guys/CompUSA closing sale was the Monster® (yes, that f'n Monster) Music DVD-A Superdisc of Ray's Grammy-winning album. Even though I already had the music, I thought why not? After all it's only six bucks.


I sat down on the floor last night and listened to this, and it was stunning! This disc makes clear the reasons why high definition surround sound is superior to hi-rez stereo.

The sound stage was wide and firm, the spatial cues were clear and precise, and the environmental elements were relevant and appropriate. Even though I knew the music, it was as though I'd never heard it before, and I was swept into the musical experience in a compelling and satisfying way. No wonder this won the Grammy for best surround sound.

The Performance Series was at its best with this finely wrought disc. I've never heard it sound better. Strong, articulate bass; moody, delightful, smooth, despairing, intimate, screaming vocals; infectious percussion and rhythm; delicate, pristine highs; full, swinging, raunchy, precise musical intonation--it was all there.

I was oblivious of the passage of time, until suddenly the disc was over. I was in such a good mood, I thought I might even like Diana Krall. She sounded that good.

I was at the LA Convention Center when Ray's body lay in state. It was a sombre and mournful experience. This disc shows him sassy, soulful, smooth, and smiling. That's how I want to think of him. Thank goodness I overcame my resistance to all things Monster® and bought this disc.

If you have the chance to pick this up, pick it up. :yes: You'll be glad you did.

Steve Schell
09-23-2006, 02:40 PM
TD, I got to work for Brother Ray only once, when he performed at the dedication of the new addition to the Long Beach Convention Center about ten or twelve years ago. I tuned the stage piano as well as one they had placed in his hotel room. I asked Ray's manager if I could meet him but he indicated that this would be very difficult and it didn't happen. I caught most of his act though and he was great.