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11-22-2003, 06:21 PM
I recently acquired a pair of 4343's locally. A bonus, consecutive serial #'s. However, cabs are in sad shape.
I would like to eventually replace the cabinets or have new ones made for them. Just found out now they have termites. They are also painted black, black cheap plastic edge guards screwed on, metal screens screwed on over the speakers for protection. previous owners name scratched into the wood, had water damage to the bottoms ( repaired by previous owner) and used for speakers for a small band. Even with that, they sound just amazing and have had some reconing done by JBL awhile back so should keep on sounding amazing for many more good years.

Does any one have the plans available or know where I can get a copy of them for the 4343's?
Thinking about that. Does anyone know the best way to open them up. I need to turn the 2405's orientation. Open from the front or back or? I am afraid that with the damage on the cabinets that if I don't do it correctly, the damage will be even more. I removed the screws from the front and rear and nothing moved at all or wanted to budge. Some of the screws were overdriven in also.

I recently let my son use the 4343's for an emergency set up for a touring group visiting over here in a local night club. The band's regular set up was set up in another venue and wouldn't be able to be broken down and set up in time at the club for the 2nd gig that day. The club that the 4343's were set up in has some sound problems due to it's interior shape and part of the solution the club owners did was adding extra speakers in the rear of the building. Something wasn't set up right with them as the added speakers only helped a little with most gigs using the house set up. About 2/3'rds into the session, one of the guy's in the back of the room came up and asked them to turn up the speakers by them just a bit. It was sounding better than they have ever heard in there before, however they wanted more now they were hearing what they hadn't before. There were about 200 to 250 people jam packed into venue. The shock came when the guy, the owners and the bartenders were told that the only speakers used were the pair of 4343's on stage powered by an old Altec 9440A amp. Sure loved the looks on their faces when they found out. Even in a live setting these speakers rock.
It sure is fun switching between my Altec's and JBL's in the living room. I love them both.
I have tried to set up both the JBL and Altecs and run them together.. over kill I know, however it sure would be a real kick in the pants fun system......not enough room.....unless I stack one on another. Gotta change the layout of the room....someday.....


11-22-2003, 07:28 PM
Hey Steve,

Thanks. I just love stories about people hearing real speakers for the first time.


Tom Loizeaux
11-22-2003, 07:38 PM
A pretty interesting 4343 story!
There are a number of 4343 owners here on this JBL Forum, me being one of them.
To get into the cabinets you need to remove the top front panel. Most of these screws are going into T nuts, but 4 of them, 2 on each side, go into a metal bracket that wraps around the inside of the cabinet - front to back. These screws ae a little longer then the others. The wires to the 10" can not be removed from behind, so you'll have to remove the 10 from the front panel first and unattach it's wires. Be vary careful with the cones on all of those drivers! When all of the screws are removed, the panel is ready to come out. It will be heavy as the horn, driver, and slot tweeter are mounted to this panel. Pull out the top panel only enough to get to the back of the drivers and unattach the wires to the compression driver and slot tweeter. Its always a good idea to make a drawing and show were everything is attached and what color wires go where BEFORE you disconnect anything!
These are valuable speakers so take your time and don't let anything get damaged in the process.
I don't know of any cabinet plans but plans could be made from your existing cabinets. They are, however, a bit involved.

Answers to questions, tips, and parts are available from info on this site.
Keep us informed about your progress.


11-22-2003, 08:20 PM
Aloha David and Tom

Wow....thanks for the posts and tips.

I really appreciate them.

When I get started...I'll take picts and make a diagram etc. as to where it all came from and goes. Saved my but numerous times doing that. Thanks for the reminder.

It is fun watching people experience music the way it is supposed to be. Including myself.
One system that still brings smiles to me is thinking about Steve Schell's. Got to sit in the "sweet" spot. Was like being right in the middle of the music and apart of it. Chicken skin (or goose bumps) type of fun.

I love this forum...

Thank you

11-23-2003, 01:48 AM
Originally posted by Steve
The shock came when the guy, the owners and the bartenders were told that the only speakers used were the pair of 4343's on stage powered by an old Altec 9440A amp.

Good morning (French time) to all of you!


There are no words I know that can translate my feelings…

What a kick in the ass to ALL “modern” manufacturer claiming that since ages they build high quality components (amplifiers and speakers).

They just manufacture noisy boxes good enough to be used as a jukebox or a car sound system!

I always said: Take an old pair of JBL or ALTEC speakers driven by a 9440 ALTEC amplifier, get the whole restored, and place it on stage, no one knowing the trick.

You know what the story is and will be …

Modern talking involves that each month something new must be sold, as it can only be better that what was built before.

Of course some improvements were made since the last 30 years but they do not lie where almost grown people think they are!

Some of us know what I am speaking about: the melting pot of “old” but still up to date technique and some modern components gives fabulous results, perhaps the best that was ever made.

Never will we grant enough our elders.

11-23-2003, 08:22 AM
Hello Steve

Hear is a line drawing that might help you out that Ian posted. Looks fairly accurate and with actual cabinets should be a snap. I am looking to building some 4344 clones down the line so I can't wait to see what you dimensions come up as.

Rob :)

11-23-2003, 01:25 PM
Aloha Rob

Great drawing. Thank you Rob, Ian and Tom for the drawing.
One of the cabs is taller than the other due to the repair of the bottom when it received water damaged. It will be fun to see how bad the cabs really are. I was hoping that all I needed to do is to repair the damage and re-veneer. Doesn't look that way. I am hoping to get started sometime early next year.....
Anybody have luck in pulling the JBL logo with the model # and serial # plate off the front panel with out damage so as to be able to install on a new panel?
I know there are some glue disolvers, my favorite for sticky lables and price tags is Ronson lighter fluid.

thanks for the info and help thus far.