View Full Version : Instructions needed for JBL Take 2 Wireless

07-05-2006, 08:05 PM
I just picked up one of those JBL Take 2 wireless transmitter/receiver combos, supposedly and apparently NIB, but either JBL put the wrong manual in or the seller mixed them up - it came with the manual for the Power 20 amp instead, (the warranty card and everything else is there, and everything looks brand new).

While I think I can generally hook it up OK, I have a few questions.

First - what is the purpose of Ch1 and Ch2 on the transmitter, (both with L-R inputs, and also L-R outputs, which I assume are for pass-through)? There is no switch to select between Ch1 and Ch2 - will it just use whichever input is providing signal? (Ch1 and Ch2 are different than the frequency selector switch, which is switchable from 0-9, on both transmitter and receiver).

Second - what is the purpose of the L-M-H switches on the transmitter, one on each channel? Does this compensate for input level?

And third - the transmitter has a thin wire lead about 6" long hanging out the back - I assume this is part of the antenna? Does that length seem right?

Unfortunately, it appears JBL no longer has the manual available for the Take 2. If anyone has a copy they could scan, or any info they could pass along, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for any suggestions - John

07-06-2006, 06:28 PM
OK - I experientially determined, (fortunately, the wireless combo appears to work fine), that Ch1 is apparently the default channel, and cannot figure out how Ch2 inputs are to be used. If using Ch2 inputs, the receiver picks up nothing, (there's no switch to select Ch1 or Ch2 inputs on the transmitter). And the L-M-H switch on the inputs does appear to be for Lo level, Mid level, or Hi level inputs, in that using L results in the highest volume, and vice-versa.

Hope may be on the way, though. I contacted another person that also purchased one of these from the same seller, and he's going to scan the instruction manual for me. It may be a few days, though.

The main purpose for this is so that I can get good FM to other parts of the house, instead of just the room with the good receiver/antenna. It looks like it will work well.

Edit: In a PM, Grumpy kindly pointed out to me that there's a 1-2 switch on the receiver by the power light - I'd missed that. :o: It does allow you to select either Ch1 or Ch2 as the source, and works fine.

Now I just need to get a second receiver to see if the transmitter will discretely broadcast both Ch1 and Ch2 at the same time, (remember - 'no Ch1-Ch2 switch on the transmitter). That would be something! It may be a while before I can test this aspect...