View Full Version : L300 convert to 4343?

10-24-2003, 11:29 AM
I have a pair of L300 3 ways (077, LE85, and 2231H) and I am thinking about convert it to a 4 ways (4343) by replacing the crossover and add a pair of midrange. I could not find a pair of 4343 crossover but found a pair of 4345 crossover instead. I am thinking about building a pair of 10" midrange speaker boxes and these will be placing on top of the L300.

Here are the following components:

Tweenter: JBL 077 (from L300)
Compression Driver: LE85 with 91 len (from L300)
Midrange: (Dont have yet and need sugestion. K110? 2122?)
Woofer: JBL 2231H (from L300)
Crossover: JBL 4345 crossover
Cabinet: JBL L300

Do you think the above components sound good when put together or what am I need to be change?

Thanks in advance,

10-24-2003, 12:08 PM
The long exponential horn (H92/2312) might be a problem with the 4345 network. I believe that I can still get hold of brand new 2307/H91 horns and Mike Caldwell might have some 2307 horns available as well - Vintage Audio Sales (http://www.vintageaudiosales.com)

My personal view of the 4345 network is that it doesn't get much better for a four-way passive large format Studio Monitor. Using the 2231H in place of the 2245H shouldn't be a problem, simply adjust the L-Pads accordingly. Basically you will end up with a 4344. You might want to tweek the conjugate for the 2231H and many of the folks here on this forum can help you with that.

I do have four brand new 2122H's for sale but they aren't cheap. You can recone K110's and other LE10 cores as 2122H's, search for other threads dealing with that issue. Recones for these excellent midrange transducers are no longer cheap either.

I upgraded from the L300/4333 to the 4343 many years ago and never looked back.