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  1. About VLF in music
  2. Lebowski!
  3. New Jimi Hendrix Album! "Valleys of Neptune"
  4. Shallow DVD movie review-the JBL-a/d/s sound
  5. Oscar best sound and sound effects nominations 2010
  6. EMI's Abbey Road Studios For Sale
  7. Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar
  8. Original 6-track Mix Recovered and Restored for West Side Story
  9. LHS members in Germany/France into blues, country, gospel and folk
  10. Got my setup with JBL 1400 Array, I need
  11. Saint Patrick Day!
  12. Sky.fm Simple Soundtracks
  13. I have a ten year old.............
  14. old and new
  15. Jeff Beck-Emotion and Commotion
  16. Jean Michael Jarre “Oxygen”
  17. "Poltergeist" (1982) Jerry Goldsmith
  18. Pan Pipes "Legends 2" ( the Native American Sound)
  19. Pan pipes song from the 80’s
  20. This happens now once every ten years "Toy Story" 3 (2010) 3D DOLBY 7.1
  21. European Music
  22. Great Voices
  23. Conductor Charles Mackerras Dies At 84
  24. 4301b - my single is now a pair
  25. What I really like about the LH community: It's really all about the music!
  26. Video of 4th place band
  27. High Quality Recordings
  28. The Last Waltz 1978 re-mix Dolby 5.1
  29. Long "lost" classic jazz recordings resurface
  30. SelectaVision to Laserdisc
  31. The Concert Speakers are a LIE!
  32. Solid State sound
  33. Glee Cast beats Beatles as Top Billboard act - AutoTuned "Talent"
  34. Earthquake and Earthquake like tremors in movies!
  35. More enjoyable ?? studio or Live ????
  36. Empire’s director Irvin Kershner passes away
  37. John Lennon
  38. Scott Of The Antarctic (1948) region2 DVD
  39. No longer a criminal ....................40 years too late
  40. "The Sound of Music" (1965) bluray epic win or just another epic bluray fail?
  41. Tron Legacy (2010) Dolby 8channel is anyone going to see it for visuals or sound or a
  42. All Hitchcocked up
  43. Sure enjoy the RCA "Living Stereo" series
  44. Universal Donates Physical Master Archives to LOC
  45. Don Kirschner has died
  46. Most desired LP/SACD/CD/FLAC-MP3 ????
  47. John Barry: Remembering the Bond theme composer
  48. Gary Moore is dead.
  49. The Hideous Cult of Oversouling
  50. George Shearing
  51. Why I listen to music and enjoy the arts...
  52. Nominees for the 83rd Academy Awards 2010 Best sound & sound effects editing
  53. Clashing - life imits music ??
  54. I Think This Should Be Under Music
  55. So, When Do You Know Your System sounds really good?
  56. Joe Bonamassa on PBS in London
  57. Blowin’ in the Idiot Wind
  58. Greatest ALBUM ever ??
  59. Country Rock
  60. A Short History of Five Notes
  61. How I spent yesterday (4/24/11) WARNING - Bluegrass content !!!
  62. Jazz Clarinet, Anyone?
  63. Jeff (kenickie) conaway passes away
  64. Wine, Women and Song Tour
  65. Greatest Concert/s EVER!
  66. Pink Floyd Expanded reissues
  67. New Internet Radio from an unlikely source
  68. More than 1.5m CDs destroyed in Sony warehouse fire
  69. 511 E Horns
  70. Gibson Guitars, what's up?!
  71. Classic BEATLES reviews
  72. Bob Dylan favored to win Nobel prize
  73. Best INSTRUMENTALs ??
  74. Great SACD
  75. Best TV-Cine themes/soundtrax ???
  76. MA Recordings
  77. Why ripping isn't always straightforward.
  78. Neil Young Wants Digital Music to Die
  79. Vinyl and CD family source
  80. RIP Whitney Houston - 1963-2012
  81. The Grammys Show
  82. Who Are You Going To Go Hear?
  83. Melody Gardot
  84. Oh my ..Guess who
  85. CBC Cowboy Junkies concert for free
  86. Levon Helm RIP...
  87. First public appearance
  88. 1966: H.r. & the "big now" | 1986: Jbl, & the "big sound" | 2012: They're all good!
  89. kansas city jazz
  90. New Bill Evans due June 12th
  91. R.I.P. Jon Lord of Deep Purple
  92. changed (now PC) lyrics
  93. How ya doin Huey Lewis
  94. Opus3 record label
  95. Peter Gabriel 'So' Anniversary
  96. The man would have been 70 years old today! 11/27/12
  97. Dave Brubeck Dies at 92
  98. Led Zeppelin: Celebration Day
  99. Ravi Shankar dies at 92
  100. is it RIAA-EQ vs CD's-DAC ??
  101. What are good songs to test speakers? Any suggestions?
  102. The Transatlantic Sesions
  103. Remember George Higgs
  104. Ever wonder what your records MAY be worth ?
  105. Tony Sheridan
  106. Van Morrison's Born to Sing: No Plan B
  107. Recording studio Sound City / South by Southwest festival.
  108. Alvin Lee of 10 Years After has died!
  109. House of the Rising Son cover
  110. Jim Morrison contributes to science ?
  111. Have Custom Speakers - Need Help!
  112. Tribute to Ray Manzarek
  113. Living in the Material World - FILM
  114. Sound city studio
  115. RIP JJ Cale
  116. NYC LP sale
  117. Linda Ronstadt reveals her singing career has been ended by the debilitating disease
  118. Fleetwood Mac Guitarist Bob Welch gone ......
  119. Movie: Sound City! and some other music..
  120. Rhapsody
  121. No Direction Home
  122. Emeli Sandé - Our Version of Events
  123. "The internet will suck all creative content out of the world"
  124. RIP Lou Reed
  125. Great rhythm sections
  126. Who are these rockers ?
  127. Hi rez tracks from Linn during Christmas season
  128. Best "LIVE" albums/recordings ?
  129. How Johnny Cash spoke to the heart of America
  130. Music of Outstanding Merit
  131. 78s
  132. What's all the hoopla?
  133. Why Beatlemania could never happen today
  134. the next 'New Jimi Hendrix'
  135. PBS - Independent Lens: Muscle Shoals
  136. Rock & Roll Rewind: The '70s
  137. 200 gram vinyl ( by Classic Records / Qual vs 180 MFSl with Gain 2 Original Masters
  138. You can never have enough sets of JBL's to play your music
  139. The Making of Led Zeppelin's 'Whole Lotta Love'
  140. Horace Silver
  141. Two music performance state of the profession reads
  142. new internet station Jazz London Radio
  143. Nice Graham Nash interview re: "CSNY 74" box set
  144. Remembering Mark Sandman
  145. Any Barbara Dennerlein fans?
  146. Iggy Pop gives the John Peel lecture on BBC - coverage
  147. Primus and the Chocolate Factory
  148. The Concert for Valor
  149. Jim Morrison Predicted the Future of Music Perfectly
  150. RIP John Robert "Joe" Cocker
  151. Was Beethoven Composing From His Heart?
  152. Karen Carpenter
  153. Brian Jones & The Stones
  154. 9 acts Bob Dylan thanked during his MusiCares Person of the Year speech
  155. A Roots Podcast Revisited
  156. RIP Clark Terry
  157. 5 'Dirty' Things You Didn't Know About The Beatles
  158. The Ghost of an MP3
  159. Tribute(s) to a Master
  160. BB King
  161. A list of our favorite unsung Guitar Heros
  162. Ornette Coleman
  163. Frank Zappa
  164. Otis Redding’s last week: The story of “Dock of the Bay” & a fateful final flight
  165. When Neil Young played Graham Nash "Harvest" for the first time
  166. Chris Squire RIP
  167. the safety tape catches Mercedes
  168. minutemen
  169. what really happened the night Dylan went electric.
  170. Otis Redding and others from Stax in concert, Oslo 1967
  171. John Taylor has played his last
  172. How Steely Dan Created ‘Deacon Blues’
  173. ECM Streaming
  174. This Ain't No Mouse Music!
  175. Image versus talent
  176. vinyl
  177. Linn's 24-bits of Christmas
  178. An interesting music site
  179. Chicken Shack ??
  180. The Beatles
  181. R.I.P. - Glenn Frey
  182. BBC online
  183. Peter Green Man of the World. Documentary ..70 minutes
  184. R.I.P. Paul Kantner
  185. ‘You Hear That?’: NASA Releases Recordings of ‘Outer-Space Type Music’ From Far Side
  186. Keith Emerson dies
  187. Merle Haggard is Dead
  188. Another!! Lonnie Mack - the flying V man has passed April 21, 2016
  189. Anything Goes, Paul Whiteman with Ramona Davies
  190. How the Rolling Stones Created a Masterpiece with ‘Beggars Banquet’
  191. 26 songs in 30 Days: Woody Guthrie's Columbia River Songs
  192. Ralph Stanley
  193. 2016 Claims another victim: R.I.P. Scotty Moore
  194. The Making of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here
  195. Blues
  196. The Story Behind Steppenwolf’s ‘Magic Carpet Ride’
  197. The Beatles Revolver at 50 - 14 awesome facts about the classic album
  198. W C Stoneking
  199. Paul Simon Opens Up About Simon & Garfunkel Breakup
  200. “The Millennial Whoop”: The same annoying whooping sound is showing up in every popul
  201. Jimi's Last Ride
  202. Theremin and the Communist state, live. Wish I were there...
  203. Rolling Stones Announce New Blues Cover Album 'Blue & Lonesome'
  204. Bob Dylan Awarded Nobel Prize in Literature
  205. Albums: The Stories Behind 50 Years of Great Recordings
  206. Don Henley says the Eagles are done. It was always Glenn Frey’s band.
  207. Wide ranging audiophile playlist - Recommendations
  208. Fender rhodes
  209. Vibraphon and fender Rhodes together
  210. Whole lotta love for 4343's
  211. Bad News Twice
  212. Larry Coryell passes away
  213. Chuck Berry
  214. Sellers does The BEATLES
  215. Danny Elfman
  216. Traditional Scottish and Irish music fans. The series Port on TG4
  217. Hopefully this attention will save this woman from the dustbin of history
  218. All 213 Beatles Songs, Ranked From Worst to Best
  219. Choosing Reference Music- Jack Alexander
  220. Walter Becker, Dead at 67
  221. Tom Petty dead at 66
  222. The Rolling Stones: Their Satanic Majesties Request 50th Anniversary Edition
  223. The Internet Archive - Old Time Radio
  224. The Internet Archive - 78s and cylinders
  225. 2017's Top Selling Vinyl Albums
  226. The hidden meaning behind these album covers
  227. The Pop Innovations of a 50-Year-Old Soundtrack
  228. Cranberries singer Dolores O'Riordan dies suddenly aged 46
  229. A country where a singer is the portrait on a bank note may not be the great...
  230. My favorite records store
  231. Something magic
  232. Does anybody remember laughter?
  233. Does humor belong in music? (Frank Zappa 1986)
  234. With a little help from Carol Kaye
  235. Rip-off
  236. Music That Expands Our Horizons
  237. Hype or masterpiece?
  238. Liam O'Flynn: A master has passed away.
  239. Remarkable flip side
  240. ‘I realised that no-one in the music business knew what they were doing’
  241. The orchestra’s horns were so loud they wrecked the violist’s hearing — & his career!
  242. Danny Kirwan
  243. Better than the original
  244. Watch This 8-Year-Old Girl Crush Led Zeppelin's 'Good Times Bad Times'
  245. Mono or Stereo
  246. Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn explain banjo styles
  247. Fleetwood Mac Albums From Before They Were Fleetwood Mac
  248. No mic ?? No problem ..Mick
  249. The songs Lennon and McCartney gave away
  250. New Music to You